In addition to our Integrated Movement Routines (IMRs):

  • FOUNDATIONS will help you master the basic movements
  • RESTORE provides simple movement circuits to improve function and reduce tension in specific joints
  • INFORMATION is where you can learn more about your body and the benefits of functional movement from our experts


Fuelling your body in midlife

Food is an essential aspect of healthy living. As our bodies change, so do our nutritional requirements. In this section you will find:

  • RECIPES to inspire your weekly meal plans
  • BENEFIT GUIDES to help you learn about the foods you should be eating
  • INFORMATION to learn about the healing power of food and how it impacts the way you feel


The goal is to ensure that although you're older, you're also bolder and better!

  • HEALTH will help you understand more about the things that ail you
  • IMPROVEMENT is there to help you manage the ups and downs midlife might throw at you

Meet our Experts


Jannie is your guide in all of our workout classes. He is a transformational body coach, teacher, trainer and registered physical rehabilitation professional with more than 30 years in the functional movement field. Functional movement is his passion and life's work!


Phys-Ed - HED, ACE, Hons BED. Certified in the USA by AFAA and ACSM

Berzen Levy

Simone is an experienced APA Pain Physiotherapist with a 35-year history of working in the management and treatment of chronic pain as well as in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Her expertise also includes chronic disease management, diabetes, mindfulness, group exercise instruction, manual therapy, exercise prescription, and fitness.


BSc Physiotherapy


Liz is the founder of She has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising providing innovative, integrated, thoughtful solutions for global clients such as Visa, Shell and Sony Mobile, working on projects including the Olympics. "Hard work, experience and endless curiosity, together with the need to not only survive but thrive as I get older, motivated me to develop"

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