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It’s always exciting speaking to like-minded mid-lifers! In this interview with Growing Bolder, we discussed the importance of exercise for mental and physical health at this time, and how to find the motivation to keep moving.
They say happiness is fleeting, but sometimes you just need a pick-me-up when you're feeling blue. These are the happiness quick-fixes you need... The benefits of exercise, laughter, meditation and more.
If I told you the fastest way to look and feel younger didn’t include $1k anti-aging serums or skinny jeans, would you believe me? The anti-aging powers of regular movement and exercise are undeniable – here’s how it can work for you!
Have you ever reminisced about the parallels in the life experiences of mid-lifers and teens? Does our current age mean we deal with these recurring life changes through rebellion and unhealthy choices or can we harness our midlife wisdom?
Just count to 10 and breathe … but are you getting the full impact of deep, diaphragmatic breathing? Maybe not – this might be your solution. You’ve got nothing to lose except 10 minutes!
Magnesium is important for a number of body functions, including getting better sleep and good muscle function, nutrient absorption and more. here's what to eat for a good kick of magnesium.

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