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in just 15 minutes a day is an extensive online collection of Integrated Movement Routines (IMRs) that work all your muscles together, balancing your body to help you stay active and break free from aches and pains that come with age.

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I love – it’s so different to any other exercise program I’ve done in the past. As a keen cyclist I was looking for something that would help me improve my flexibility as I get older, but at the same time keep me strong (without the risk of injury – I still want to cycle!)… This is it!

– Caroline S, 50

What We Offer


The ability to move freely is what keeps us independent and active as we age. IMRs move the entire body as it was designed to function - without limitations.

More about functional movement & IMRs

  • Functional movements (think sitting, standing, reaching, twisting) form the foundations of our IMRs.
  • IMRs work all your muscles, tendons and joints at once, in every workout.
  • IMRs are low impact and improve stability, mobility, flexibility and strength.
  • IMRs improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress and risk of injury.
  • The integrated, varying movement patterns will also improve brain function

Take your First Steps to Physical Freedom

Our 21 day introductory course is designed to show you what Integrated Movement can do for you, and how great it can make you feel.

theoptimalme first steps

The course includes:

  • Our quick assessment so that you start at the right level
  • 21 days of specifically designed Integrated Movement Routines (IMRs) that will slowly and easily introduce you to the benefits of integrated functional movement
  • Hacks to help you turn a daily IMR into a habit


We believe in the healing power of food so we're constantly curating the latest research and information to help you cut through the clutter. Learn about what to eat and why you should eat it. You'll also find delicious recipes and a clean eating program to kickstart your journey to optimal health.


We focus on being well. Whether you're suffering from stress, have difficulty sleeping or any number of other issues that come with getting older, you'll find tips and insights to help keep both your body and mind balanced and functioning the way they should.

Meet our Experts


Jannie is your guide in all of our workout classes. He is a transformational body coach, teacher, trainer and registered physical rehabilitation professional with more than 30 years in the functional movement field. Functional movement is his passion and life's work!


Phys-Ed - HED, ACE, Hons BED. Certified in the USA by AFAA and ACSM

Berzen Levy

Simone is an experienced APA Pain Physiotherapist with a 35-year history of working in the management and treatment of chronic pain as well as in the health, wellness and fitness industry. Her expertise also includes chronic disease management, diabetes, mindfulness, group exercise instruction, manual therapy, exercise prescription, and fitness.


BSc Physiotherapy


Liz is the founder of She has more than 30 years of experience in marketing and advertising providing innovative, integrated, thoughtful solutions for global clients such as Visa, Shell and Sony Mobile, working on projects including the Olympics. "Hard work, experience and endless curiosity, together with the need to not only survive but thrive as I get older, motivated me to develop"

What our members say

I came out of surgery, and I started with him in his rehab training. He got me to my normal fitness level in less than two months
Margaret Kloppers, 58
South Africa
Jannie's gift is his ability to observe, and to get people of all ages- all shapes and sizes- to moving, stretching, working every single muscle in their body.
Rosemary Ogden, 63 years old
South Africa
He's got a following everywhere he goes. He grows, he flourishes, he learns- it's his mission in life.
Diana Hannah
I'm fitter, more flexible, than most of my age.
Hazel Reid
I would use because it's bringing him into my home or a studio, and I think that would be a fantastic thing. Not only for me but for other people to gain his knowledge
William Janisch

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