Intermediate Workout 44
[15 Min]
Take it slow with this simple, but effective full body workout. Open your groin, your groin and shoulder girdle as you move through each phase of the routine.
Beginner Workout 40
[15 min]
Beginner Workout 11
[30 min]
With a combination of dance and body-weight  movement, you’re in for a full-body boost. Make sure you’ve got some energy and a sense of humour going into this - you might need it!
Beginner Workout 39
[15 min]
It’s all about balance in mobility in this workout. Work on opening your shoulders and chest, as well as loosening your hips for easier movement.
Beginner Workout 38
[15 min]
This is a test of flexibility and full body mobility, starting slowly then picking up the pace. You’ll move between standing and the mat, but if you are worried about your knees, just watch to see if you are comfortable with the movement.