“Listening to your body” may sound a bit out there, but learning to listen is the key to functional movement and increased confidence in doing your day to day activities. But what does that mean?

Listening to your body means that you’re in touch with how your body is feeling. Your body sends signals to your brain, telling you when/where there is pain, when there could be injury, or even when something feels good.

When your body and mind are out of sync or not communicating effectively, the potential for injury increases significantly.

“Mindfulness”, which put simply is awareness – is key – and not just for functional movement! Research has shown that practising mindfulness has massive benefits.

So as you do our classes, become aware of how your body feels as you progress through each movement.

  If it feels good? Hold it there, no need to rush.

  If you feel like you can rotate a bit further, or step wider, lift your arms higher… go for it!

  If you feel uncomfortable or think a movement might hurt you?  Stop. Adjust. Take note. Breathe.

Make our classes “you” time, where the only person you need to think about is yourself. Functional movement is not about competing with anyone else, it’s about working towards moving confidently and mindfully through your life.