Compared to primitive man living an outdoor life, civilized man has become a standing around sitting around animal rather than a running around one”  - D Zacharow

We are the only living things that have the ability to counter the forces of evolution. In the past, our ancestors relied on genetic adaptations for survival. Today, technology rather than biology has become the key to our survival. Medical advances, curing of disease, living longer and reproducing later are all thanks to technology. Technology has also put an end to isolation and impacted on agricultural lifestyles. For most of us, technology has changed both our work life and home life.

The physical demands of movement for survival are hardly existent as we become ever more reliant on technology and sedentary, with devastating consequences for our physical health. But, our brains too rely on movement as signals to function optimally, and we see that besides sedentary behaviour having negative physical effects on us, mental health issues are on the rise with depression, stress and anxiety affecting us at ever younger ages.