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What if we told you there was a way to look and feel younger instantly? Would you believe us? Read on to find out how posture can do just that!
Constrained, frustrated, unproductive, uninspired – Lockdown is a difficult place to be for an eternal optimist! But these are some of my favourite podcasts, TED Talks, books and series this month.
Being “old and frail”, limited, seems a long way off, but what if acting now means "old and frail" becomes "old and strong? This is the research that prompted me to ask why we don't take prevention seriously?
Bunions, back ache and sore hips! Why focusing on foot health was key to feeling better!
Eating mindfully can benefit your digestive health, sleep and emotional wellness! Here's all you need to know,
Many give up comfort for aesthetic appeal when it comes to their feet. This can lead to a number of injuries: arthritic toes, inflammation, swelling, calluses, bunions, tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis etc. So how do we fix it?

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