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If a busy schedule makes it difficult to stick to new things, this course is designed to help you make integrated movement a habit in only 15 minutes a day! The movements are uncomplicated, and all you need is an online device, exercise mat, room to stretch your arms and legs, and a commitment to finding and maintaining your physical freedom. People often ask us why IMRs are important. The answer:

  • IMRs improve your mobility, stability, flexibility, which enables you to do more with less pain
  • IMRs strengthen your muscles and improve your balance, helping prevent injuries
  • IMRs give you greater physical freedom: the ability to move freely without pain enhances your quality of life 

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Before you start

We’re making it as easy as possible for you to find your own Physical Freedom! The hardest part is making sure that you keep doing a daily IMR, and First Steps to Physical Freedom is designed to help you do just that!

  1. Make a commitment: I am ready to to do what I need to stay active and independent today and into my future
  2. Download the assessment material. Healthy habits are easy to form – as long as you are willing to invest a tiny bit of time to learn from the experts. Download the Personal Progress Assessment and Personal Progress Tracker worksheet so you can easily track your habit.
  3. Prepare for your routines. 
    • All you need is a mat, the right place or space, and the right time of day
    • Finding the right time of day is essential if you truly want to create a consistent habit
    • Take a few minutes each day to listen to the Healthy Habit Hacks for guidance

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Additional resources:
Personal Progress Tracker
Personal Progress Instructions
Helpful Habit Tracker

Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of First steps to Physical Freedom! We hope you’re set up and ready to get moving? Remember to check your emails for extra information and helpful tips and tricks.

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Day 2

Celebrate good times, come on! Don't forget to check your mails... Enjoy today's routines!

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Day 3

Welcome to day 3! Have you found the right time to do your routines?

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Day 4

How best do you set yourself up for success?

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Day 5

Forgetting to move is no excuse! Get set up and enjoy today's routines. 

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Day 6

Habit comes through repetition. Don't let yourself down – keep doing your IMRs daily. Head to your mails for more.

3 Videos

Day 7

Observing your progress is the best motivation. How are you feeling after a week of IMRs?

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Day 8

How are our bodies impacted by sitting? Head to your mails for more on how IMRs can genuinely make a difference.

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Day 9

Movement has a significant impact on brain health, mood, energy and sleep. How? Have a look in your mails for today's letter.

3 Videos

Day 10

Today we discuss how music can improve your workout! Check your mails for the details.

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Day 11

Make sure that IMRs are easy for you to do. That means getting your set up right and slotting it in where it makes the most sense.

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Day 12

Why do you need to do this daily? As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a ew habit! 

Don't forget to check your mails!

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Day 13

It's time to assess your progress! You've nearly completed your second week of daily IMRs and we know you'll be feeling and seeing the difference. Do your personal progress assessment again to see how far you've come. Remember - even the smallest amount of progress counts. 

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Day 14

Remembering why you chose to do this. Often we need to remind ourselves about our motivations for starting something new, and why we should stick to it!

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Day 15

Live the mantra! Have a read of today's seriously meaty mail to learn about flexibility, stability and mobility.

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Day 16

Be your own inspiration. Remember to celebrate, and remember to check your mails!

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Day 17

Now is the perfect time to think about how you optimise your journey to physical freedom. The food you eat plays a significant role in making sure your body works better. Take a scroll through our Nutrition section!

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Day 18

Having fun is half the work done! Your body and health are yours to maintain, so make sure you enjoy doing it.

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Day 19

How does movement impact inflammation? Check your mails and these articles for more!

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Day 20

Life gets busy, our routines change and things we know are important but just don’t seem a top priority start slipping through the cracks. Your health simply can’t be one of those “things”.

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Day 21

Well done! It's the last day of your 21 days, but not the end of your IMR habit! The next 90 days is critical for you to truly solidify the habit and feeling good!

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