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Our Bridging programme offers those who haven’t moved for a long time; are recovering from injury or illness; are athletes looking to improve their performance and avoid injury; or are new to functional fitness an opportunity to ease into the Movement Programme on TheOptimal.me. Get one week free when you start your free trial, or subscribe and get the full program. It’s only 4 weeks, filled with exclusive video and reading content designed to get you get you into the swing of things and ready to make full use of the site.

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What to Expect.

What is The Optimal Bridging Programme?


At TheOptimal.me, we’re so committed to the positive effects of movement that we want everyone – even those of you who think it’s a bridge too far – to give yourself the chance to experience the real improvement in your quality of life when you get moving.

The Bridging Programme has been designed to get you moving. It is the first step on your journey to functional fitness. As you know, TheOptimal.me is not a boot camp, nor about selling you a program for a tight butt and flat abs in 6 weeks. What we want is for you to start feeling energised, healthy and filled with vitality.

Our objective is to familiarise you with our essential movements, and then get you doing gentle workouts. By the end of the Bridging Programme you should be more than ready to move on to our Beginner workouts and keep improving from there.

The Bridging Programme is all about progression – every day you do a little bit more than the day before. Plus, it’s about total body awareness and incorporating more movement into your daily life in a manageable way.

Who should do it?

  • You’re a committed couch potato who hasn’t done any exercise for quite some time. You know you have to start doing something… but what?
  • You’ve been ill and know that your muscle mass and strength have declined substantially. You’re still quite weak but know you can start doing a little bit to get you going. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the programme and it won’t tire you out on day 1 so that day 2’s impossible.
  • You’ve been injured and now have stiff and achy joints. You’re scared of doing too much because you don’t want to hurt yourself again.
  • You’re a fiercely fit athlete who can’t touch your toes.
  • You’ve never been to a gym class before, you have no idea what any movements or exercises are called, and there’s just no way you’re going to humiliate yourself in a group or class. Our step-by-step approach will not only get you moving, but also make sure you know how to do all our core movements without hurting yourself.

If you don’t believe us – here is more evidence that movement and functional fitness is going to be the best investment you can make with your time!

What is your time commitment?

Whether you have loads of time on your hands or are a busy executive with a crazy schedule and are working 12-hour days, the time commitment for the Bridging Programme is flexible.

Over and above upping your movement quota in your daily activity, you will need to make time for the programme as follows:

  • Week 1: Review and do the core movements required.
  • Week 2: Combine movements with gentle 5-minute workouts
  • Week 3: Extend the duration of your workouts and accept the flow
  • Week 4: Again, extend the duration of your workouts – feel more comfortable and see the benefits

What you get?

Jannie Claassen has designed the Bridging Programme to ensure that you build not only your functional fitness, but also your physical confidence. You will become more stable, flexible and have a greater range of movement in your joints.

The programme includes detailed instructions for all the core movements included in the programme, plus 15 exclusive workout videos.

Over and above the daily workouts, you are encouraged to increase your other physical activities – whether walking, gardening, housework, swimming or cycling, anything that gets you upright and moving rather than sitting on the sofa or at your desk, will dramatically increase your quality of life in a very short space of time.

You can also download the weekly calendar and diary so you’re able to track your progress.

We’ll be here to answer any questions every step of the way.

What you’ll need?

The programme has been designed to ensure you don’t have to rush out and spend a fortune on equipment or special requirements. We would recommend you invest in an exercise mat – but even that isn’t essential – a towel on the floor will do.

You’ll need a space about 2 or 3 metres wide (8 feet) and a little bit longer than your mat.

Plus, we recommend you wear comfortable clothes that won’t restrict your movement – stretchy items are often best.



Before you know it, you’ll be on the road to living your best life.

Week 1. Get the Foundations Right

This week we'll get you into the nitty gritty of our movement - Tips and terminology and the history behind movement. 
You'll be introduced each day to the core movements used throughout our programme. You will do these throughout the week for 5 days consecutively.

Please download the programme to track your movements throughout the week.

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Week 2. Let's Move a Little More

This week you'll be introducing 5 minute workouts that incorporate all the core movements you practiced in week 1. It's only 5 minutes a day, but you'll start to feel the benefits and get more comfortable with the way we do things. There's also an interesting read on the state of movement and exercise at present.  

Please download the programme to track your movements throughout the week.

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Week 3. It's all about Balance

This week we want to show you that movement should be part of a balanced day. Just 10 minutes of slow and steady workouts to fill your week, and by now you'll have all the movements down. So, as they say, practice makes perfect. You'll also read our article on the importance of balance, especially in our hectic lifestyles. 

Please download the programme to track your movements throughout the week.

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Week 4. You're Worth It

This is the final week of the Bridging Programme. At the end of this week you should be comfortable with the movement and the way we do things here. In fact, you're probably already enjoying the way your body feels! We're kicking it up to 15 minutes of slow and steady movement this week, so get 

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