People often ask us why functional movement is important. There are 100 reasons and ongoing research to prove that functional movement is for everyone throughout their lives... But it shouldn't take long to convince you, so here are the top 12 reasons to make functional movement a part of your life.

  1. Enhance your quality of life
  2. Prevents injuries
  3. Increases your functional abilities, balance and equilibrium
  4. Movements are based on real life needs and situations, improving your ability to be a “happy mover”, allowing for optimal, effortless, real-life function
  5. Links your brain to your muscles
  6. The constant variety and different movement patterns stimulate interest in the brain and lead to enhanced cognitive abilities
  7. Lubricates and loosens all your joints
  8. Reduces stress on any specific body part, teaching you to use your body as a whole
  9. Allows you the freedom to become the expert of knowing your own body
  10. There is no right and wrong way to do things
  11. You decide what you can and cannot do and what alternatives you can use in the workouts.

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